My name is Ryan Stewman. 

I'm known as the Hardcore Closer.

I’m a best selling author, founder of the largest sales group on Facebook and have over 150,000 people who follow my sales advice.

I don’t say that to impress you or brag.

I say this because I don’t want you thinking that I just make these strategies up.

Listen, when I was about eight, my step dad decided he had enough of my ADD and he put me to work at the car wash he managed.

At first, I mowed the yards.

He’d pick me up after school and on the weekends…

… and put me to work mowing.

Then, something crazy happened…
Social media came around and gave me the ability to start connecting with other people from around the globe.

That’s when I realized that there were people just like me… going through the same struggles.

People that were top producers in their field…

…people that had their stuff together, knew what they were doing, and were under the same amount of stress as I was.

The problem was, I didn’t know any of them at the time because I was in my own little world.

I was inside a corporate box and even had a corner office.

But it wasn’t enough.
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